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This is a opening sequence for the film 'Moonrise Kingdom. We chose suitcase as a framing device. In this film, Suzy, a main female character, took her favorite objects in the suitcase when she runs away. The objects inside gave her consolation, and be her shelter. Sam, a main male characte and Suzy share and understands their wounded heart, which comfort each other and be refuges for each other. They are unable to adapt to the reality, so they build an ideal world in the forest. This project shows their desire to go their ideal world.


The scene will begin with close up shots of an amusement park. Then as it zooms out, we realize it is amusement park inside a suitcase. Finally we see a dark, lonely room contrasting with the suitcase.

Moonrise Kingdom




Juni Kweon

Gio Chung

Jin Yook


Photo shoot for background

Final Frames

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